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We can design a whole new look, find new pieces for your home or edit what you have.  

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We love to remodel, maybe because problem solving is our true love.  We help solve everything from space and function issues to eyesores and dated looks.  We even help with project management if construction is just not your thing.

We are known for our custom tile designs and detail work that bring your project to the next level. Our forward thinking designs push ahead of current trends giving you a lasting look.

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Have an idea but not exactly sure where to start or how to pull it together?  Or are you torn between this tile and that? Or are your Pinterest boards becoming a mess of too much potential?  Our 90 Minute Consultation is a perfect solution for you.

90 Minute Consultation
For 90 minutes you can have access to our expertise. We can review plans, make suggestions or help design your new look. If you need longer, additional 30 minute blocks are available.

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