Consultation with a CW Designer
We meet with you in your home for a collaborative client and designer exchange of ideas. We will discuss all the details of your project including your hopes and dreams, your aesthetic, how the space needs to function, time frame expectations and your budget.  

Since we start to design and problem solve the moment we step into your home and we cannot keep ourselves from verbalizing our initial solutions, we do charge for this first meeting. This fee covers up to 90 minutes after which we charge hourly.
[1st Meeting : At your home/project. $475 for the first 90minutes then $225/hour after]

Proposal, Project Scope & Retainer
If we both agree that we are a good fit for your project we will provide you a proposal which outlines the scope of the project, terms and conditions for working with us, and collect any necessary retainer fees.
[Retainer depends on scope of project and is applied to invoices.]


Measuring Up
We will be onsite to take measurements & photos of the spaces we will be working on. These will be necessary for both remodels and decoration purposes. We will use this information to create a digital floor plan used throughout our design process. These measurements will be shared with any subs necessary to complete your project, but all subs will be required to take their own measurements. We always say, “measure twice, cut once.”  
[2nd Meeting : At your home/project.]

Conceptual Design
This is when we begin to translate your dreams into a design vision. We formulate a big picture ideas and solutions for your project. It includes a basic mock-up of the space, concept boards, and color scheme suggestions.
[3rd Meeting : At our studio.]
[DELIVERABLE(S): Concept boards; Remodels include 1-2 conceptual 3D renderings]

Detailed Design
This is the fine-tuning of all design selections and layout that was agreed upon during the Conceptual Design Process, plus any new elements and any requested revisions. In this step the details of your design will be selected and presented. We will provide you with a few options if needed.  It includes actual product selections and pricing for furniture, lighting, tile, faucets, and etc. This is a great time to make revisions (if any).
[4th Meeting : At our studio.]
[DELIVERABLE(S): 3D renderings; Floor Plan; Product Selection Tear Sheets (up to 3 options) with Pricing; Finish Samples]

Final Review, and Approval
At this time we will get your final approval on all aspects of your project. We will create a working project book containing all the info potential contractor/sub will need for accurate bidding. Please note any revisions at this time loops us back to the detailed design process.
[Email, phone and/or 5th Meeting]
[DELIVERABLE(S): Final Proposal(s); Remodels: Project Book]


We collaborate with contractors/subs, vendors, fabricators and make site visits as necessary. We create all purchase orders, track orders, note lead times, flag backorders or discontinued items, and schedule subs. We help problem solve, resolve deficiencies and act as a liaison between you and all the trades. Please inform us of any problem as soon as possible so we can act accordingly. (Contractors/subs will need access to your home for measurements and review.)
[DELIVERABLE(S): Product purchase(s) & Shipment coordination; Remodels: Project bids, Installation]

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